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When we arrived to James’ Greenpoint apartment, Gia and James were the personification of yin and yang– couple-wise and style-wise. In hopes of the adorable-ness rubbing off into our own romantic lives, we talked to the two young creatives about how they met, what they love about each other, and more. Get ready to “ooh” and “aww.”

Photos: Marcus Cooper


Name: Gia Seo // @giaxseo

Age: 23

Occupation: Stylist

How long have you guys been together?
Gia: About a year and a month.

How did you two meet?
Gia: We met a year before we started dating when I was actually dating my first boyfriend and a year later after after my boyfriend and I broke up we met again through James’ roommate.

Describe your relationship in three emojis:
Gia: ?: because I call him bunny, ?: because he always sends me photos of (his cat) Pusha T, ?: because I feel (James) always sends me flower emojis.

Was it love or lust at first sight?
Gia: I think it was more like curiosity at first sight.

Where did you go on your first date?
Gia: I cannot remember. I think on the first date I just came here (to James’ apartment). We listened to music, played with Pusha T (his cat) and got to know each other.

What was your last date?
Gia: We went to see Dior and I and spent the day together.

Who would be your celebrity couple counterpart?
Gia: Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake at the 2001 American Music Awards in the denim outfits.

I knew I loved James when _________
Gia: It was not a central point for me. I don’t know when I didn’t love (James). We just made sense the first day we met, to be honest. And it just made sense since then.

Name: James Evans // @james3vans

Age: 25

Occupation: Graphic Designer/Artist

Describe your relationship in three emojis
James: ?: because she’s always busy, like a busy bee. ?: because I use the ghost emoji a lot (when texting Gia), ?: for whenever I’m going over to (Gia’s) house.

Was it love or lust at first sight?
James: Both? I think, it was very 0 to 100. We went from knowing each other to dating in like a day.

Favorite way to spend time together?
James: I like walking around the city together.

Favorite thing about Gia?
James: I keep finding out new things about her. Literally every single day it’s like “oh I didn’t know that about you.”

Best date you’ve been on?
James: We went to Block Island (an Island off Montauk) with a bunch of people, but we had our own room. It was perfect weather, there was a hot tub and a beach.

Gia drives me crazy when _________ 
James: (She) doesn’t wake up early enough.

Love is _________ 
James: When you hit a point when you realize you care about someone else just as much, or more, as yourself. It’s like a very sincere selflessness and I think it just kind of happens.


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