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Marta Freedman is the Manic Pixie Pizza Girl we can’t get enough of. A BK babe, herself, she is no stranger to the art of the side hustle: she has successfully, and simultaneously, created cute nail decals (TRIXXIE), DJ’ed some of NYC's buzziest spots and induced severe FOMO with her delicious Insta account, @h0tgirlseatingpizza. With expertise in all things babes and Brooklyn, we’re looking to her for all of the newest outer borough hangout spots, cool girls, and pizza pies to put on our radar.

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Name: Marta // @h0tgirlseatingpizza

Age: 24

Hometown: Deptford, NJ (right outside of Philly)

Occupation: Fabric & Trim R&D Assistant at Express by day, Creator of Hot Girls Eating Pizza and TRIXXIE nail decals with all my other time

Who is a ‘must-follow’ on Instagram? I like funny accounts like @textsfromyourex and @girlwithnojob. I also have a rotation of girls I admire and think are super cool, like @piaarrobio, @breez_lance, and @emilyweiss.

Number one rule of social stalking? Don't hold your phone in a compromising position if you're stalking someone 80 weeks deep. A little thumb-slippage can lead to a night of hoping that person does not have push notifications. On the contrary, if you really admire someone and stalk them a lot, just follow them!

Filter or #nofilter? No Instagram filter- VSCO F2 or T1 only!

Favorite summer scene to post on Instagram? Cotton candy clouds in Brooklyn

What is your favorite app? Classpass!!! (I need to balance out all the pizza I eat)

Meet on Tinder or meet in IRL? Always/only IRL

Describe yourself in 3 emojis: 100 emoji, yellow sparkle emoji, nail painting emoji

Biggest Instagram faux pas? When people post too much (especially on vacation) I always want to comment and say "get off your phone and live your life, bb"

What’s the last thing you Googled? "best bra tape" - wearing a plunge dress tonight and need some serious suggestions!!

What is your biggest “Under 25” accomplishment so far? Vogue mentioned Hot Girls Eating Pizza before, so that was awesome! And Trey from Laguna Beach follows me. #teenagecrush

What do you hope to accomplish by 35? Oh man- I haven't thought about it! I just want to be happy and successful.


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