Party Crashers | Henry Stambler


Henry Stambler has been on my radar since I met him three years ago when I first moved into the city. We were OC shop kids together and instantly bonded over our love for music festivals. Hilarious as hell and outrageously adorable, I knew I should keep my eye out on what he’d be up to in following years. Fast forward to today, Henry is a Saint Laurent boy, DJs the best turn up parties, dabbles in the art world and has one of the best curated Instas ( on my feed.

Photos by Grace Ahlbom


Name: Henry Stambler //

Age: 21

Occupation: Model/Shop Boy at DSMNY

Location: Bushwick, Brooklyn

Favorite item to wear out? Nude acrylic nails

Best late night snack? Anything from that 24 hour cuban place on Myrtle and Knickerbocker

Best turn up track? “Ghost rider” by Suicide

Drink of choice? Something super tropical

Where can we find you at the party? Politely asking the DJ to play trap queen again. 

When is it time to go home? When you're alone in the corner of the club crying into a half-empty bottle of rosé and Marvins Rooms (by Drake) comes on.
Your best pickup line? How's Villanova? What classes you taking next semester?

Your favorite going out spot in NYC? Bossa Nova Civic Club

Who’s your partner in crime? The second half of my celebrity dj duo, Emily Rose Bannon


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