Party Crashers | Jonathan Zeizel


Ultra babe and ultra sweetheart Jonathan, a.k.a. Jongo, stole my heart as soon as I saw him dancing around to Azealia Bank’s “212” back in 2012. Since then, myself and his 57K Instagram followers can’t get enough of the recent grad/dancer’s endearing personality and outrageously good looks. Now that he’s out of school, we can expect great things to come from the insanely talented 23-year-old.

Photos by Grace Ahlbom



Name: Jonathan Zeizel // @kidjongo

Age: 23

Occupation: Dancer

Location: East Village

Favorite item to wear out? Black high tops

Best late night snack? Buffalo chicken anything

Best turn up track? “Bitch Better Have My Money” by Rihanna

Drink of choice? Tequila tequila tequila

Where can we find you at the party? Dance floor, babe

When is it time to go home? When there’s no more money for drinks.

Your best pickup line? “So, are you going to buy me a drink?”

Your favorite going out spot in NYC? Fat Buddha– always reliable.

Who’s your partner in crime? Zach. He’s the only other person I know who likes to keep the party going until well after sunrise.

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