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Mecca James-Williams cut her teeth in the styling world at Opening Ceremony. Since then, the emerging stylist has now worked with the renowned publications like Vogue Turkey, Vogue China, Vogue Paris and 10 Magazine. When Mecca isn’t busting her ass killin’ it in her career, you can easily find her being the life of the party– at the bar, industry events, or anywhere she goes with her friends.

Photos by Grace Ahlbom


Name: Mecca James-Williams // @meccajw

Age: 21

Occupation: Stylist

Favorite item to wear out? Hmm... this is hard. It’s always changing for me– whether it's a statement jacket or high-waisted pants that fit just right! Currently, I am learning that less is more. So, if I need a small bag, I’ll wear that. If I need real dancing shoes, I’ll wear flats or shoes with more support. It’s the worst when you can’t have fun because you're worried about your big purse under the bar or your feet hurting!

Best late night snack? The best late night snack is always fast food. I am good for going to Popeyes for a 2-piece meal! Honestly though, my best late nights have been at Mickey D’s with the sun rising through the windows — sometimes even catching the breakfast menu. It’s heaven for a split second, lol.

Best turn up track? Okay, I feel like everyone in NYC knows my favorite turn up track is “Drunk in Love.” …Yes, still! I have had the best times dancing to this track — in Hawaii replicating the video with my best friend, free-styling the song at Karaoke (because they didn’t have the track) and dancing in traffic (cars honking and all) blasting from a taxi radio on my 21st birthday. Beyonce just gets me there!

Drink of choice? Currently, I am on Hpnotiq with Hennessy. It’s my summer drink. That or a Dark & Stormy.

Where can we find you at the party? On the dance floor. ALWAYS. I love to dance. I love to socialize. Put on some reggae or old school hip hop and you'll have me dancing on the floor for HOURS!

When is it time to go home? Hmm… honestly, I am still learning my tolerance. Lol! It’s time to go home when you have a 5 AM call time for a shoot and you're still at the bar at 2. Work is always first! :)

Your best pick-up line? I don’t know how to hit on men, but if I did it would be, “Your beautiful!” I like to keep it honest.

Your favorite going out spot in NYC? There are a few, Mo’s Bar in Fort Greene for drinks and music, Bembe in Williamsburg when I really want to dance, and Sel Rose on Bowery for drinks and conversation.

Who’s your partner in crime? Currently it’s PB&J. They know who they are.


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