Party Crashers | Kitty Cash & Cherie Camacho


Kitty Cash and Cherie Camacho are partners in crime in the truest sense. Rarely spotted out without the other, the two are #outhere most nights either DJing or hosting a handful of industry events. Cherie, cool girl extraordinaire, has her hands in party planning, styling, and collaborating with downtown it kids. Kitty, a self identified Cultural Specialist and Musical Curator, is exactly that, releasing bumpin’ mixtapes left and right. Winners of best dressed and coolest duo, you can’t miss these two sirens turning up in the center of every party.

Photos by Grace Ahlbom


Name: Kitty Cash // @kittycash_

Age: 25

Occupation: DJ/Producer

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Favorite item to wear out? Kitty Cash nameplate necklace

Best late night snack? Hmm... probably some coconut water or some Reese's Pieces.

Best turn up track? "All Day” by Kanye West and "This Is How We Do It” by Montell Jordan

Drink of choice? Whiskey Ginger

Where can we find you at the party? Behind the DJ booth or on top of the DJ booth ahahaa!

When is it time to go home? It's never time to go home.

Your best pickup line? "Hey...what time is it?”

Your favorite going out spot in NYC? Elvis Guesthouse Who’s your partner in crime? I've been ripping and running the streets with Cherie.

Name: Cherie Camacho // @thecamacho

Age: 24

Occupation: Opening Ceremony E-Commerce

Favorite item to wear out? I'm really short so I always throw on a pair heels.

Where can we find you at the party? You can find me in the middle of the dance floor moving it allll around.

When is it time to go home? I still haven't figured that out yet. I'm usually the last person to leave.

Your best pickup line? “Hi.” Haha!

Your favorite going out spot in NYC? I always end up at Bembe


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