Party Crashers | Adam Werner


Adam Werner is a key fixture to have at any New York party. We often joke about his duality as Downtown Adam and Uptown Adam. When he isn’t selling the best apartments in the city, he’s hosting parties at Diamond Horseshoe and making his rounds at all the best events. It’s all very Miley by day/Hannah Montana by night.

Photos by Grace Ahlbom


Name: Adam Eli Werner

Age: 24

Occupation: Real Estate Agent

Location: East Village Favorite item to wear out? I don't leave my house without culturally informed jewelry and my business card.

Best late night snack? Ew. If I ate late night snacks (which I don't) I certainly wouldn't admit it in print.

Best turn up track? Anything by Queen Janet Jackson

Drink of choice? Party girl cocktail in a flute of Champagne with a shot of vodka in it. You look like a lady but the turn up is real.

Where can we find you at the party? In the corner answering emails and accessing my database on my phone or saying “Hi” to absolutely everyone.

When is it time to go home? "There’s no hour that kills except the hour you stayed after you wanted to go home” -Diana Vreeland

Your best pickup line? My friend Chloe taught me “The Victor” - Walk up to any cute boy you don't know and pretend you thought they are your Scandinavian friend Victor. "Oh my god I am so sorry! You look just like him. Anyway where are you from? Love that shirt!"

Your favorite going out spot in NYC? You can always find me at, duh, Up and Down or Pretty Ugly at the Diamond Horseshoe.

Who’s your partner in crime? The incomparable Hari Nef


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