Party Crashers | Yulu Serao


Yulu Serao lights up a room when she arrives. The model/student is always in the know about where to go on any given night and when she isn’t bopping around Chinatown. And other than turning looks for the camera, Yulu works with Topical Cream, an online publication about women in the arts.

Photos by Grace Ahlbom


Name: Yulu Serao // @yulu.psd

Age: 20

Occupation: Model/Student

Location: Chinatown NYC

Favorite item to wear out? My iWatch. Duh jk.

Best late night snack? Cheetos and pineapple

Best turn up track? "Bizarre Love Triangle" by New Order

When is it time to go home? When the birds are chirping. 

Your best pickup line? I don't do pick up lines.

Your favorite going out spot in NYC? Club: Up&Down // Place: Boom Boom Room when no one is there // Bar in my neighborhood: Upstairs Bar on Canal

Who’s your partner in crime? @fatalbert69


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