Party Crashers | Maris Berkowitz


Maris Berkowitz is a Renaissance woman. She models, creates art, cooks, writes, runs marathons, all while balancing her hectic school schedule. She’s your ideal mate for drinking rosé on the Upper West Side, racing around Central Park, or challenging yourself to something new– not to mention, also a mega babe!

Photos by Grace Ahlbom


Name: Maris Berkowitz // @marisberkowitz

Age: 20

Occupation: Student/Artist

Favorite item to wear out? Depends on the season and occasion. I dress pretty simply and like to switch it up but don't have a favorite item.

Best late night snack? I tend not to eat late at night. I’m more into having a big breakfast, but if I had to choose, probably a banana with almond or coconut butter.

Best turn up track? I secretly (but not so secretly) like Rihanna. Drink of choice? Rosé

Where can we find you at the party? Talking to people and dancing a bunch.

When is it time to go home? Depends on the situation but I usually don't like to stay out too late since I wake up early.

Your best pick-up line? I don't use them, people use them on me though ;)

Your favorite going out spot in NYC? I like wine bars and The Bowery, not so into clubs anymore but I used to like Pauls Baby Grand because of the dance floor and fun music.

Who’s your partner in crime? I have a bunch of them! Hard to choose just one.


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