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We’ve been Insta-stalking Megan Schaller’s illustrations ever since we discovered her via Crybaby Zine. The young artist’s linear and pastel doodles are perfectly mesmerizing and dreamy. For our ‘90s-themed SM Mag fall issue, we asked Megan to bring our favorite movie muses from the decade to life. In true #tbt fashion, Schaller rendered The Virgin Suicides’ Lux Lisbon, Dazed & Confused’s Michelle Burroughs, Cruel Intentions’ Kathryn Merteuil, Clueless’ Tai Frasier and The Craft’s Nancy Downs in our fall favorite shoes via MS Paint. Keep scrolling to see for yourself!

Illustrations by Megan Schaller


Name: Megan Schaller @megandoods

Age: 17

Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland

Occupation: Doodler, dreamer, and baby entrepreneur.

Who do you Insta-stalk? My #1 Insta crush is @tennesseebunny, Tennessee Thomas. She's an Activist/Musician/Entrepreneur who totally inspires me every day. I also love scoping out artists on @love.watts.

What’s your favorite app? Hoppen! It's an incredible social app that I've been personally involved with for a for a while. Stay tuned for exciting things to come!

Last thing you stopped to take a picture of? A giant, hairy spider that fell from the sky onto my windshield. He's still out there somewhere, so watch out...!

Whats your best party trick? Not going on my phone for more than 2 hours.

Ultimate ‘90s style icon? While I want to say Gwen Stefani, I'm torn away by my undying love for Björk and Kathleen Hanna, who also had some incredible looks in the '90s.

Freaks or Geeks? Anyone who isn't afraid to geek out over something they love is my total hero.

Best turn up track? At the moment, “Dreams" by Beck. Anything upbeat by the newest generation of female pop stars is also killer - Mø and Charli XCX, especially.

What were you wearing in high school? Worn-out band tees 1% of the time, my blue-skirted school uniform the other 99% of the time. School uniforms get a bad reputation for being ugly/boring, but I love them! I wish it was socially acceptable to wear mine on the weekends.

Best ‘90s movie for style inspiration? Léon: The Professional and The Craft. had to choose two!

Spirit animal? Tardigrade.

Favorite artist? Sonically, The Strokes. Visually, I love Schiele and Basquiat and Kon Trubkovich (who I learned about from one of my favorite musicians - thanks, JC!). Unfortunately, this answer changes daily.

Best place to find inspiration? In music and sound. I rely on my ears for art more than my hands.

Last thing you Googled? "My eye itches - am I dying?"

What’s on your playlist right now? "Happenin' (blue room mix)" by Summer Moon, some Torres tracks, the new album from Wolf Alice, and a lot of Interpol.

Go-to outfit? My denim jacket is like my safety blanket! I'd wear it over anything, even pajamas, and call it a proper outfit.

Favorite decade? the '00s.


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