The Art of Style| Brandee Brown

Style Game



We asked filmmaker, photographer, muse, and all around cool girl Brandee Brown to style one of this season’s favorite sandals- the BOUNDREE. Brandee showed off her laidback fashion sensibility by combining our comfy classic with wardrobe basics like denim, leather, and the perfect vintage t-shirt. The Harlem native dabbles in just about everything and never limits her extensive creativity to one particular focus. Brandee’s dazzling confidence and vibrant imagination attracts fashion heavy-hitters and renowned artists alike. With a contagious smile, bubbly bright eyes, and a free spirit - it’s no wonder why she is New York’s downtown darling.


SM: Please introduce yourself
Hello world! My name is Brandee Brown. I'm a director and photographer from New York City.

How do you start your day?
I'm no creature of habit- especially when it comes to the morning. If I must be up bright and early for a shoot- I have to get in my zone. I’ll blast some hip hop tracks (Jay Cole this am) ignore everyone and go nuts!

How has the big apple influenced your style?
New York has influenced my style big time- there are so many rad people you come across during a lifetime here. With that comes a ton of inspiration.

Five essentials every New Yorker needs.
Comfortable shoes (preferably cute sneakers) because you never know when you’re going to break out in a mad dash… life moves fast here. A snack in your bag to always keep you fueled. I'm big on always having snacks in my bag. Chocolate chip cookies and sour straws- yum! Common sense, welcome to the jungle! A sense of humor- that's always good to have.

Laughing is the most enjoyable form of exercise- outside of dancing and yoga. And last but not least, every New Yorker definitely needs something or someone to love.

Favorite summertime escape?
My favorite summertime escape if I'm in the city is a roof- any rooftop with a nice view. The high level perspective creates a whole new form of people watching.

Describe the perfect shoe.
The perfect shoe is something that you feel like a magical queen in!

What do you love most about the Boundree?
You can slip the Boundree on and off with ease...easy access makes life so much better.

How are you celebrating the Year Of The Horse? What are you looking forward to in 2014?
I'm celebrating the year of the horse by being the best Brandee Brown I can be- this is my year! I feel like Batman… my time has come.