SM Mag Exclusive | "Holy" By Zolita

Track Tuesday



Holy shit. We are beyond excited to exclusively premiere our favorite emerging artist, Zolita's latest track “Holy” from her upcoming EP “Immaculate Conception.” The much-anticipated EP was produced by Ømen, who has worked on tracks from the likes of Drake and Beyonce. Following her explosive and intimate single “Explosion,” “Holy” further explores the complex nature of love and relationships.


Zolita explains, “it was inspired by unrequited love– how you put the one you’re in love with on a pedestal and how that almost becomes your ‘religion.’” Conveyed through the young artist’s haunting and sultry vocals, lyrics like “I’ll give you my soul, sacrifice me, ‘cause your love is holy” were inspired by religious language frequently used in the Religion & Media class she was taking at the time “Holy” was written.


Combined with Zolita’s gilded-goth aesthetic, we’re getting serious luxurious, Baroque #feels from the song. It’s already on repeat here at SM Mag. Obsessed. Get your first listen of the track here (& coming to Spotify and iTunes later this week!) and get your full Zolita fill by watching her “Explosion” music video below!




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