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Brian Procell is an endless encyclopedia of nineties knowledge. With the ability to cite the history of any vintage tee, it’s no surprise that he attracts A-list clients from the likes of Drake to Cara Delevingne. Housing a killer archive of some of the illest, rare finds, Brian opened a LES storefront two years ago that has since become a downtown cool kid hangout hub. Nobody knows the ‘90s streetwear subculture better than Brian– we were dying to pick his brain about the decade. From his favorite nineties couple to what he was rocking in the decade, read his answers below!

Photos by Alex Lee


Name: Brian Procell @procell

Age: 32

Hometown: Elizabeth, New Jersey

Occupation: Shop Owner/Consultant/Tastemaker

What’s your favorite app? Shazam

Favorite artist? Julian Schnabel

Who do you Insta-stalk? Emily Ratajkowski

Last thing you stopped to take a picture of? Lena Dunham filming her HBO show Girls directly outside my crib.

What’s your best party trick? If the music sucks, I can make a sick playlist on the spot.

Ultimate ‘90s style icon? Tupac

Freaks or Geeks? Freaks!

Best turn up track? “Bookshelf” by Beenie Man

What were you wearing in high school? Stussy

Best ‘90s movie for style inspiration? Hackers

Spirit animal? Wolverine

Best place to find inspiration? MoMa PS1 Book Fair

What’s on your playlist right now? 1980s Jamaican reggae & dancehall

Go-to outfit? Vintage Wu Tang tour shirt & Carhartt carpenter pants

Favorite decade? The ‘90s


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