Millennium #TBT With Ja Rule And Steve Madden


With the MAVEN X MADDEN collaboration recently launched, Steve Madden and Ja Rule have been out and about talking about the collection that formed from their friendship. At the recent Macy’s Herald Square event, it was pure entertainment watching the two joke around and riff off each other’s energy. In honor of the decade that brought us Ja Rule’s most memorable hits (re: “Always On Time” and “I’m Real”), we sat down with the big boss himself and the rapper about the Millennium.


Steve Madden: 58/M/We’re at Macy’s!
Ja Rule: 39/M/At Macy’s

What was your favorite trend of the early 2000s?
JR: Ja Rule was my favorite trend, he was great that guy. That Ja Rule guy was incredible!
SM: He was.

What was the worst trend?
JR: Baggy clothes.
SM: Jeweled Sneakers.

What shoes were you wearing in the 2000s?
SM: It depends which year. I was simple, I just wore like one shoe. I never wore a lot of shoes. I wore loafers, just a pair of loafers every day
JR: One sneaker that went with me through my years [is] Air Force Ones.

Favorite turn up track of the 2000s?
JR: Back that ass up! [By Juvenile] *Breaks out in song*

SM: There were several. I liked Nora Jones and I liked Ja Rule and that sort of rap in New York, and I didn’t know him then. You know what song I really loved, that used to make me laugh? It was that song Snoop did with Pharrell. *Sings* “You want to pop back, AK47...” You know that song? "Drop It Like It’s Hot." I wasn’t a hip hop guy, but I got turned on to hip hop… and that song came on. and I thought it was the funniest thing.

What was your ringtone in the 2000s? 
JR: Didn’t have one
SM: Yeah, we didn’t have ringtones.

Britney or Christina?
SM: There’s no question, Britney.
JR: I kinda like Xtina, you know why? Because she’s a singer. Britney is a better performer
SM: Christina is a better singer.