Festival Diary | Life Is Beautiful

Festival Diary



The SM Mag team headed west to Vegas to check out the up-and-coming music festival Life is Beautiful. With headliners ranging from Stevie Wonder to Kendrick Lamar, there was no doubt we were already on board before we boarded the plane. With our favorite trusty festival footwear and a few gallons of sunblock, we were ready to take on the LV cultural event.


We started with a motivating learning session with Tony Hsieh of Zappos.com and ended the trip with discovering a Banksy installation that was moving around the festival grounds! There was no shortage of inspirational surprises coming from around every corner. Scroll through to we what we experienced!


Ready to conquer Life is Beautiful in the GARA.

First stop in Vegas: The Neon Boneyard! Here's me and a new friend.

An old Liberace sign. *insert sparkle emoji here*

"Howdy!" from Sara and her WANTAGH booties! :D

Mega-babe Sarah is looking babely in her BABE sneakers.

These patchwork booties are packed with a punch.

Stumbled upon a James Turrell while walking through hotels!

Accidental twinning is pretty common for the Creative Team! Here's the two Sara(h)s looking adorably cute in stripes!

On the Life is Beautiful ferris wheel, enjoying the view.

Also doubled as a quiet break from the festival!

Posted up at the Downtown Stage.

Found the Banksy piece on loan roaming around the festival!

Kooky "Fun" Land within festival.

This is our best angle.

Future Islands wins our vote for best show of the fest!

Confetti for Duran Duran!