Real Talk | Rules of the Velvet Rope

Real Talk

In a city where everyone wears their “holier than thou” ego on their sleeve, nothing cuts you down to size faster than being denied entrance to the newest, hottest spot. Door girl Nicollette Santos has some wise words for those who think they are above the law of the velvet rope. Read and take notes.

1. Keep cool. Waiting at the velvet rope should be expected, unless you’re Beyoncé.

2. Save the pinstripe suits for the boardroom. For a dude, dressing in a classic leather jacket and jeans works wonders.

3. The only way a group of guys are getting past a door is if they all have skateboards. (Note: Longboards or plastic boards are not applicable here)

4. Save the diva behavior for the dance floor. Don’t act a fool if you get refused; just exit gracefully. Keep in mind that we will remember you next time.

5. Don’t ditch out on your friends because you got in and they didn’t make the cut. No one likes a crappy friend, especially door people.

6. Despite our cold stares, manners go a long way. With a simple “please” and “thank you,” our night gets a little more humane and we know that is one less scum bag in our club.

7. Don’t show up to the club like a drunken hurricane-- We won’t think you’re a good-time Sally, we’ll see you as a hot mess and liability.

8. A homegirl who lets you go out when you can barely walk is not a homegirl at all. Get it together, girlfriend!

9. You’re in the club, that’s great! Now that doesn’t mean you can mass text everyone in your phone, telling them you can get them in. That would be false.

10. At the end of the day (night?), door people are just looking for people they would want to hang with. Just have a good attitude, and keep it cool and confident at the door, and you’re in!