13 Questions With Pauline Prieto

Model Citizens

Pauline Prieto is the BFF of our dreams– smart, beautiful and cool as hell. Instantly familiar and effortless style, we were obsessed with the rising talent from the get go. We sat down with the Philippines-born model on set and picked her brain on some of our most pressing questions. Read on and let the Insta-stalking begin...

Photos by Phil Walters


Name: Pauline Prieto @paulinecamille

Age: 23

Hometown: Manila, Philippines

1. Star sign?

2. How long have you been modeling?
I’ve been modeling since 2010, but I took a one year break between 2013.

3. Spirit animal?
I’ve been told that I remind people of a cat – but I’m a devoted dog person.

4. Celeb crush?
Paul Rudd.

5. What’s the background on your phone right now?
A picture of roses with eyes.

6. Childhood dream job?
Marine biologist or an engineer.

7. Who do you Insta-stalk?
Francis Mallmann – best chief of all time.

8. Pizza, tacos or burgers?
Burgers. Especially when they have blue cheese on it. Mmm.

9. Favorite book of all time?
Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino

10. Seinfeld or Friends?

11. Most prized possession?
An emerald ring from my grandma.

12. Most used emoji?
The upside down smiley face.

13. What city would you live in if you weren’t in NYC?