13 Questions With Matthew Davidson

Model Citizens

The entire SM Mag squad was crushing on Matthew Davidson after shooting with the It Model. Born and bred in Brooklyn, Matthew had a chill vibe about him that translated to cool confidence. And to add onto the cool factor, Matthew also plays in a band called Dragons of Zynth. Musician and model… it’s no wonder we’re all swooning.


Name: Matthew Davidson // @turnt8s

Age: 24

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

1. Star sign?

2. How long have you been modeling?
1½ years.

3. Spirit animal?

4. Celeb crush?
Lead singer of Phantogram.

5. What’s the background on your phone right now?
A clip from this movie called A Woman Under the Influence.

6. Childhood dream job?
Pro skater.

7. Who do you Insta-stalk?
Chef Gordon Ramsay.

8. Pizza, tacos or burgers?

9. Last book you read?
Just Kids.

10. Seinfeld or Friends?
Seinfeld…hands down.

11. Most prized possession?

12. Most used emoji?
The 100 emoji.

13. What city would you live in if you weren’t in NYC?


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