13 Questions With Hali Kai

Model Citizens

Wild at heart, Hali Kai is our favorite manic pixie dream girl. Spend five minutes with the Wilhelmina model and you’ll hear all about the shenanigans she got into over the weekend. Her easy-going personality and free spirit is why she’s one of our go-to gals. We sat down with Hali and asked her a few pressing questions, like what her most used emoji is.

Photos by Phil Walters


Name: Hali Kai, @hali.kai

Age: 22

Hometown: Los Angeles

1. Star sign?

2. How long have you been modeling?
5 years!

3. Spirit animal?
April from Parks & Rec.

4. Celeb crush?
Angelina Jolie.

5. What’s the background on your phone right now?
A picture of Saturn.

6. Childhood dream job?
I have always been entirely fascinated with space, so I’ve always wanted to be an astronaut.

7. Who do you Insta-stalk?
Rebecca Fox (@foxilla).

8. Pizza, tacos or burgers?
Um, can I choose all of them?

9. Favorite book of all time?
Pale Blue Dot by Carl Sagan. (I even have an excerpt from it tattooed on me!)

10. Seinfeld or Friends?
Neither, not a fan of sitcoms :D.

11. Most prized possession?
My teddy bear that my best friend gave to me when I first moved to NYC.

12. Most used emoji?
*Rock on emoji*

13. What city would you live in if you weren’t in NYC?


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