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Jessie and Andy go together like a nice wine and cheese– literally. The two Austin-based babes run and own Henri’s, a neighborhood eatery that specializes in crafting charcuterie and cheese plates paired with the perfect wines, together. With their two pups Rosie and Gustav, an impeccably decorated home and enviable chemistry, Jessie and Andy are major #relationshipgoals.

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Name: Jessie Katz, 27 // Andy Means, 34

Hometown: Austin, TX

Occupation: Restaurateurs, Henri’s Cheese and Wine

How long have you guys been together?
4.5 years.

How did you two meet? 
Andy: Jessie first caught my attention when she was running across the street after a concert at Stubbs. 
Jessie: We somehow ended up at a mutual friend’s house later that evening and connected.

Jessie, what was your first impression of Andy?
J: I thought Andy was wild, yet charming.

Andy, what was your first impression of Jessie?
A: Jessie was mysterious. I just wanted to know more about her.

What is your favorite thing about working together?
In work and in life, we really complement one another. We each have unique values and skills we bring to the table, and when we play to those strengths we make a great team. It’s nice to have that sense of balance in a line of work that is constantly in flux.

Describe your relationship in 3 emojis:
The champagne emoji, sparkle star, and the fire.

What do you guys binge-watch together?
A: The Weather Channel.
J: Yep, we are obsessed with atmospheric phenomena and all things meteorology. Andy has a giant man-crush on Jim Cantore.

What does date night in Austin, TX look like?
Eating boquerones and Cacio e Pepe, and drinking South Austin Speed Balls (espresso martinis, our favorite off-menu cocktail) at our favorite neighborhood Italian restaurant, Vespaio.

Fill in the blank: Love is _______.

Dream couple to double date with?
Salvador Dali and Gala.

If your relationship was a food item, what would it be?
Queso: It’s comforting and feels like home, but spicy.

Favorite thing to do together?
Nearly every day we take our pups, Rose and Gustav, to the Greenbelt to hike, swim, and explore. It is currently our favorite place on earth.


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