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Hands down, best dressed couple in New York. Alex, a designer/photographer/vintage aficionado, and Ava, a writer/avid creative, bring their unique point of views together to create compelling editorials and art collaborations. Most recently, the couple created and outfitted Barbie in today’s avant-garde ensembles for a series titled “Fashion Barbies.” Obsessed. They’re totally this generation’s Frida and Diego (minus the drama).


Photos by Regine David


Name: Ava Nirui, 24 // Alex Lee, 24

Ava Nirui: Sydney, AUS
Alex Lee: Medway, MA

AN: Writer/Ecommerce at Assembly
AL: Shop guy at Procell/Photographer/Clothing designer

How long have you guys been together?
One year and one month!

How did you two meet?
: We both were working at Opening Ceremony when we met. I was always admiring Ava from afar. Then we started talking at a Christmas party, we spilled drinks on each other and then Ava dried off my stomach with a napkin.

Was it love or lust at first site?
Lust. See above answer.

What did you guys do on your first date?
Got dumplings and had an awkward conversation, mostly about work.

Ava, what was your first impression of Alex?
: I thought Alex was so weird. He used to send sus emails to my work account.

Alex, what was your first impression of Ava?
: I thought Ava was super cool and not weird at all. I also thought she was afraid of me.

How did you guys decide to start working together?
It happened pretty naturally. We're both always working on several things at once, so we try to get each other involved whenever possible.

What is your favorite thing about working together?
How we argue the entire time but then are both quite satisfied with the end product.

Tell us how you guys came up with the Fashion Barbies project:
AL: I was shooting Ava with a real Calvin Klein Barbie when she suggested we make Barbie clothes based on the designers we actually admire and respect. Then, I got sewing!

Describe your relationship in 3 emojis:
¯\_(?)_/¯ & :') & -_-

What is the best gift you received from each other?
: Ava's my second-best supplier of Iceberg History other than myself.
AN: Hand-embroidered Vans from Opening Ceremony.

What do you guys binge-watch together?
Lately it's been Nathan For You.

Dream couple to double date with?
Jailey– Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin. 

What’s the next project you guys are going to tackle together?
Nothing planned just yet, but we're working on photo projects together here and there.


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