SM Kicks | Move with Kyra



We're so excited to debut the launch of #SMKICKS and reintroduce the Steve Madden Sneaker collection. This campaign and its stars are all about music and movement, both very important to the Steve Madden culture. So, what makes you move?


Kyra Green

I'm a model with IMG models, and I also perform all around my hometown NYC with my band 212Green.

What makes you move?
Singing and jammin on stage, any type of reggae soulful music, and I love boxing!

What's your biggest motivation?
My biggest motivation is to wake up and be proud of the person I'm becoming. I try to not dwell on the past. I learn from my mistakes and keep it moving!!


How do you kick it?
I feel my best when I'm hanging with my sister listening to music on our roof or playing and jammin out on the guitar with my little brother.

How do you kick start your day?
I kick start my day with a nice hot shower, some reggae music, and a nice big cup of coffee!