SM Kicks | Move with Garnett

Get inspired by model Garnett featured in our brand new #SMKICKS installment.



Learn what moves Garnett.

Garnett Strother


What makes you move?
Life. Wherever there is an adventure you will find me. I'm never in the same place for too long. I'm the cat that killed curiosity.

What's your biggest motivation?
My daughter Liz. She is a constant reminder that I must constantly strive for excellence and put myself out my comfort zone as often as I can to make myself better every day.

How do you kick it?
I'm a skater and the New York State kickboxing champion. So pretty well and pretty often I imagine.

How do you kick start your day?
Warm my body up with stretches. Tell my daughter I love her before she heads to school and then skate to work. Once I'm there I connect to whatever is going on in my client’s life at that moment. They are my family too so its important to know and understand their current state of mind. I try to be there for them no matter what the issue.

Where can we find you?