See And Be Scene | Whitney Biennial



A rguably the epicenter of the art scene, there is no place better to explore the spectrum of contemporary art than New York City. It’s no secret that within the city limits famed pop artist Andy Warhol got his start and Jean-Michel Basquiat debuted his signature gritty style. This spring we’re seeking our own inspiration from contemporary artists who have come to call NYC home. As we embrace this season in the city we’re exploring the art scene and dedicating time to expand our cultural horizons, discovering contemporary exhibitions and galleries that motivate us to think, feel and experience, and we urge you to do the same. Every two years the famed Whitney Museum of American Art features a showcase of contemporary artists whose work reflects themes of our turbulent society - it’s a must see.



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Kaari Upson

Tommy Hartung

Tala Madani

Zarouhie Abdalian

Jordan Wolfson

Casey Gollan and Victoria Sobel