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C hristina is a designer at Steve Madden who gets inspired by New York City at every opportunity. From her journey starting on the Steve Madden sales floor to becoming a lead designer, it's hard not to envy her attitude, drive and style.

Meet the woman behind our trends, Christina Ciglar.

How long have you been working at Steve Madden?

Steve Madden was my first job in fashion when I was 16! In total I've worked with Steve Madden for about 10 years. The first 3 I was a sales girl at the Boca Town Center during high school then the Soho store and Herald Square during my early years at FIT. During college I became a buyer for a multi brand footwear store. Working in this part of the industry fed my desire to be become a designer. That brings me to the past 7 years, where I've been a women's footwear designer for Steve Madden, having the best time of my life.


Where do you find your inspiration?

The Steve Madden girl inspires me the most. I travel around the world searching for new fresh ideas to create, but being in our retail stores and working with our customers is the most inspiring place to be.


How does your team help you find the latest trends?

We listen to the newest music. We watch the it-girls. We follow the news. We travel the world. We ride the subway. We go to Whole Foods. "Finding the trends" is about seeing the people wear it, speak it, and breathe it.

How does NY influence your creativity?

New York City fuels my creativity on a daily basis. I ride Citi bikes through Brooklyn and the city over the bridges; there is just so much to see and take in. Being surrounded by so many talented people and inspiring architecture invigorates me.

Who is the Steve Madden girl?

The Steve Madden girl is a dope chick who gives no effs.

What does Steve Madden mean to you?

Steve Madden is normal life to me. I spend 90% of my life "working." It's all encompassing, all consuming. That's what fashion does. What something you love does to you. Passion drives everything.

How many pairs of shoes do you own?

I have no idea. A lot. Some to just have. Some to wear "out." Some sneakers I collect. If you saw me on a regular basis you would probably think I owned 3 pairs of shoes. I'm always in "uniform."

Any NY hotspots you recommend?

I just moved to Brooklyn after living in the city for 14 years. Now I'm totally obsessed with BK. A hot spot for me is Van Leeuwen Ice Cream, Brooklyn Bridge Park, and eating the best burger at Prime Meats. William Vale is suppose to be good, I'll be there for my b-day.

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