The Art of Style | Paloma Elsesser

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Paloma Elsesser is a jack of all trades. The writer, hip-hop enthusiast, model, and dazzling downtown New York darling by way of Los Angeles, possesses beauty, brains, and a cool confidence that instantly captivates those around her.  Paloma’s noteworthy style is a solid mash up of sweet, nostalgic nineties flashbacks…  think J.Lo in her Diddy prime: slick baby hairs and unadulterated realness. She’s your go-to for a good, kickback and unwind girl sesh. We caught up with the sizzling sweetheart as she ventured outside her sneaker head norms and styled the ultra femme STECY.


Please introduce yourself.
My name is Paloma Elsesser, I'm a writer, friend, and freak of nature.

How do you start your day? 
I wake up, crawl into the shower, hum some Mariah Carey acapella and then proceed with a very strict beauty regimen!

How would you describe your style? 
My style is pretty erratic, but generally I'd say its Master P in drag or a Latina teen mom in the 90's. In high school, my friend coined it "Ghindie" aka "Ghetto/Indie", which I still find pretty accurate.

How has the big apple influenced your style? 
Nostalgia makes me weak and I live for NYC throwback styles. It has also taught me to look at the function and versatility of my outfits, because you never know who you're going to see or what you're going to be doing, and besides, who has time to rush home and change?

Five essentials every New Yorker needs. 
An entrusted nail tech, Evian Mineral Water Face Mist, street smarts, a good smelling candle for the home, and a routine!  

Describe the perfect shoe. 
My perfect shoe is undoubtedly a sneaker; A classic one at that. One that you can run in, go on adventures in, go to the club in…all of that. Sneakers are the best because they're realistic for a quick moving lifestyle. They're comfortable and can be worn with a dress or jeans without looking like you're a) trying to hard or b) don't care at all.

Favorite summertime escape? 
Anywhere that smells clean and crisp!

What are you looking forward to most this summer? 
Seafood and reading in the sunshine!

What do you love most about the STECY heel? 
I generally (aka NEVER) wear heels so my leap into stilleto-dom was pretty difficult. However, the STECY is immaculately feminine, simple, and sleek and can easily be paired with my boyish and normally insane outfits. It's also neither a super high heel nor a kitten heel (No!) so its completely manageable to walk in.