Steve Madden Music kicked off their 2016 Summer Music Series with indie electro-pop brother/sister duo, XYLØ!

We presented the show at Rough Trade NYC, a record store in Brooklyn with an intimate performance space in the back. 

XYLØ is a brother/sister duo comprised of Los Angeles-based producer-songwriter/drummer, Chase & vocalist Paige Duddy.

The two teamed up to make music together when Chase needed a female voice to accompany a few of his projects.

In our exclusive interview with the duo, Paige explains how he title track on their EP, "America" was basically created overnight and originally intended for an advertisement. 

She went on to say how "America" is a song about love & freedom stemming from a prior relationship Paige had with her then boyfriend from England and all of the struggles that it took for him to stay in America.

Even though they are a newer band on the scene with only one EP released, their songs have already garnered many millions of hits online from all over the world.

XYLØ is currently working on their first full-length album, but be sure to check out their debut EP, America!