We were so happy to have METRIC close out Steve Madden Music's 2016 Concert Series at Brooklyn's Music Hall of Williamsburg!

The Canadian 4-piece indie rock band has been together making music since 1998 performing in front of sellout crowds at their concerts and festivals all over the world.

We sat down with Emily Haines & Josh Winstead before their set to talk about the band's history with NYC where they met, touring and their latest album, Pagans in Vegas.

The blinding strobe lights mixed with the deafening cheers from METRIC's fans turned the packed house into an intense, high-energy rock show.

METRIC's discography includes 6 studio albums, 2 of which have gone platinum, and 7 EP's. "Cascades", which is the track featured in our video, is off of their most recent album, Pagans in Vegas.