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I met Veronica So in the first month of moving to New York. Since then, she’s acted as my career mentor, life cheerleader and constant style inspiration. She is the prime example of the hardworking New Yorker who wears many hats. On the side of her nine-to-five, she is the front girl to the mischievous electro-noise band TEETH!!!, co-founder and Editor in Chief of the cult futurist magazine L_A_N, and still manages to find time to contribute to sites like VICE and Dazed Digital. Veronica is a true visual curator, not only in her day-to-day life but on her social media platforms, and I indulge in her vision of fashion’s future via her sci-fi and surrealist aesthetic.

Photography by Trinh Huynh.


Veronica So

L_A_N Editor in Chief, writer, fashionable futurist

Describe your side Hustle?
Singer in the band TEETH!!!, I book events for Waka Waka, an indie gaming & co-working space in LES Instagram: @avataris & @lanmagazine tumblr:

What's been your favorite interview/show/editorial you've done?
What an evil question! Some of my favorite work moments have been: an interview with 3D printing fashion designer Iris Van Herpen, a 2-hour long Skype conversation with documentary director of "Jodorowsky's Dune" Frank Pavich, styling one of my favorite bands HTRK, or "shooting" a Second Life Thierry Mugler fashion editorial for my magazine L_A_N.

What's your dream gig?
Making more L_A_N magazines, directing a dystopian sci-fi movie, conceptualizing fashionable costumes for fictional characters in games, movies or books. Being on set on a new Star Wars movie.

Where do you see your career in 10 years?
More fun, big ideas, valuable connections— that's everything. And mo' money!

Who is your digital style crush?
Usagi Tsukino aka Sailor Moon- I've been style stalking her online my whole life.

What's your favorite Instagram to follow?
Doug Abraham of Bess NYC's instagram is pure, addictive, en point fashion satire @bessnyc4.

What's your favorite Tumblr to follow?
This cheers me up more than anything

What were you doing on the internet 10 years ago?
Uploading new music to my band's Myspace, making lifelong AIM friends, emo bleeding all over Livejournal, creeping on Makeoutclub, and reading the official Weezer message board 24/7.

Who's on your playlist right now?
Mr Twin Sister, Sbtrkt, Perfume, Tove Lo, Heterotic, HTRK.

What's your star sign?
I'm an Aquarius- made slightly more awesome by being born on the cusp of Capricon-Aquarius- the cusp of Mystery and Imagination.

Spirit animal?
Red Panda!

Favorite emoji?
The one that looks like -_-

Favorite filter on Insta?
#nofilter, up the brightness, up the saturation and sharpen 10%.

What do you predict for the future of fashion?
There will be an exponential amount of fashion tribes, the next generation will develope mind-blowingly extensive style vocabularies that cross cultures. The importance of following fashion trends will be surpassed by having a truly unique point of view. Technology will help everyone express themselves in customized and original ways.

What's your favorite trend for Spring 2015?
Suede and the Seventies. I've never had a truly 70s phase, but I am so ready. Dreaming of oversized tinted sunglasses, suede everything and growing out my hair super long and straight.

Go-to outfit for lazy days?
A big shearling coat over a military flight suit with ankle boots. Lately, I've been hanging around the house in blue cotton doctor's scrubs— they're amazing!

Favorite item in your closet or jewelry box?
I'm in a serious relationship with my Sorelle single hoop Ruby earring- I can wear it every day. It makes me feel as badass as Prince. I'm also obsessed with my seriously sexy floor length Orson Coat from Reformation.

What are some your favorite spots in your neighborhood (Chinatown)?
At night, I like playing a game of Initial D at the Chinatown Fair arcade. Foot Heaven's foot massage is amazing after a day of walking around. Also love getting pho at Pho Pasteur.

Go-to bubble tea order?
Taro flavor with bubbles, semi sweet! I love the lavender color— pick any colored straw; it just works!