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New Arrivals

Women's Sneakers

Whether you're ready to hit the gym or hit the road for a morning stroll in the sun, you need shoes that allow you to get moving in style. Our lace-up sneakers are the perfect complement to the look you want, whether you're geared up to sweat or just want a comfortable option to take you through your day. Finding the right pair of fashion sneakers means finding a pair that fits your needs for comfort and durability, while not sacrificing on cool styles, fun patterns, and a range of eye-catching colors or adornments.

Platform Sneakers

Our platform sneakers are made to give you the style you want and the comfort you need while you strut a sidewalk runway or check things off of your to-do list. Our low tops pair perfectly with jeans or workout gear, and provide the perfect lift for any day of the week. Platform sneakers are one of our favorite kinds of fashion sneakers, as they combine the platform heel–a fashion staple since the dawn of time–with endurance, so you can look great while being light on your feet. Plus, who doesn't like a sneaky little boost of height when reaching for that bag of chips on the top grocery shelf?

Designer High-Top Sneakers

Ready to elevate your day-to-day style? We've got you. Our women's high top sneakers are designed to carry you throughout your day with style, adding an athletic touch to your outfit. Whether you choose a platform sneaker or a lower high-top, our options will help you add an unexpected twist to your look. High top sneakers have a nostalgic retro feel that pairs well with their more glamorous look of a fashion sneaker. We love pairing them with low socks and shorts for an iconic 90's look, or throwing on a pair over jeans for a more professional, while still comfy, 'fit.


Shoes are an essential part of an outfit, they protect our feet, give us support when walking on hard surfaces, and ensure that we stay warm. But, essential doesn't mean that they can't be fun, right? Our Rhinestone fashion sneakers add some sparkle to your everyday life. We love pairing them with sundresses for a night of dancing or pairing them with your joggers and tees for a quick way to turn a day-to-day outfit into a fashion statement for the ages. So, join us, and make your next pair of sneakers sparkle like the star that you know you are.


Everyone loves gold, right? She's glam, she's first place, she's fire. Yadda yadda. However, here, we're silver fans. Understated, still elegant, silver is the moment. These fashion sneakers bring the right level of oomph for every outfit. Pair them with a workout outfit to show you're in the race, or wear them for a day on the town to add a little fun. We love them with black jeans, bright sundresses, or even as the casual part of your business casual outfit. Gold, you're fabulous, but our silver sneakers are second place to no one.