SteveMaddenxVotoLatino FAQ

How do I know if I’m registered to vote? 

You can check your voter registration status on The best way to be certain you are registered is to register again, right there. This way, your most up-to-date information will be on the voter files, which is helpful in case you’ve moved recently.

What if I’ve recently moved? Do I have to re-register?

Yes, you have to update your voter registration every time your address changes. You can make sure it’s up to date at

I’m already registered and want to know how I can register others. How can I get them involved with our initiative?

You can encourage your friends and family members! All you need to do is share the unique store code with friends and family. You can also give a shout out and spread the word on social media using #GenSteveVotes!  

What if I don’t believe in registering to vote? 

There are a lot of challenges out there and voting is one way in our democracy to share what you think and how you feel. Voting is a way for your voice to be heard, so it is important to register to vote and get out to the polls.

My state requires that I register to vote under a political party. What if I don’t want to register to vote because I do not affiliate with a political party?

Since states determine how voter registration is done, the state you live in my have different rules. In some states, there are options to register under a third party or as a non-affiliated voter.

What if I am a student. Can I register to vote at their school address?

Yes! You have the right to register to vote at your school address. If you receive mail in a Post Office box on-campus, you can sign an affidavit asserting that you live at their dorm address. For more information, visit the Rock the Vote Election Center.

What if I was previously convicted of a felony? Can I register to vote? 

Voting rights for those convicted of a felony are different in each state. Check out the Brennan Center for Justice to get state-specific information.

Do I need to be 18 years old in order to register? 

Age requirements for voter registration are different in each state. Look at USA. gov for details for each state.

What if I don’t feel ready to register? 

2020 is your year. Registering to vote is a quick, easy, and important action you can take for their community. Registering to vote is your choice, and it’s all about being heard- making sure that the elected officials are listening to you and representing us!

When is the last day I can register to vote? 

Voter registration deadlines vary from 30 days out to just a couple of days before the elections. Check out the Voto Latino to check your state’s deadline for registration.

Can I vote while living abroad?

Yes! Most people are eligible to vote in federal elections while living abroad. We recommend checking for more information.

How can I request an Absentee Ballot? How can I check when the last day is to request a ballot before the primary and general election?

You can request an absentee ballot at and follow the steps provided to mail-in your votes. Some states have specific requirements on eligibility for absentee ballots. Please be sure that you follow the guidelines for your state.

Can I switch my political party affiliation in-store? 

We recommend that you re-register to vote. You can text the store code to 731-79 and you will be able to re-register.

Can I register to vote without a driver's license? 

Most states require that you vote with a verified state ID. Because of this, oftentimes, you need to register to vote using your ID number. Voter ID laws vary from state to state and do change frequently. Be sure to check what your state’s ID laws are at this link

Where can I find information on candidates and issues? 

You can visit Voto Latino to find information on candidates and issues! 

Why does my vote matter? 

Voting is a great way to express your individuality and authenticity. We all are directly impacted by a number of issues: healthcare, environment, and education, to name a few. Voting matters because it is a way for us to make our voices heard. I encourage you to vote and you follow @VotoLatino on Twitter and Instagram to learn more about how you can all be involved in the political process.