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New York native Carlen Altman is changing the world one serious step at a time. The bona fide dreamer’s contagious optimism and overflowing passion fuels her work both on and off camera.  The film-maker, actress, comedian, jewelry designer, and activist is currently working on a new film, Loners Together, alongside her artsy mom Suzy Friedman, the relaunch of her jewelry line, 11th Commandment, and a wholesome little book about nutrition and the creative process titled How To Get Your Shit Together. We caught up with the quirky brown-eyed beauty as she styled the SUTRA and shared a few essentials every New Yorker needs.


Please introduce yourself.
Hi! My name is Carlen Altman. I am a filmmaker/jewelry designer/comedian and activist.

How do you start your day? 
I wake up, take a handful of vitamins with protein powder made from green peas (is that gross?), a cup of coffee, and then go work out for an hour at the YMCA. Then I come home and start my day of writing on my blog or planning for my new film or making jewelry.

How would you describe your style? 
It's completely unpredictable. Sometimes I wish I could commit to one sense of style, but I think I have so many different interests and inspirations (the 1960s, 1970s, elderly people) that I dress very differently from one day to the next. Some days I feel like channeling a senior citizen from Boca Raton, and some days I feel like channeling Anna Karina with a short dress, lots of eye makeup. Does that mean I have no sense of style? Or just too MUCH style? Who knows!

How has the big apple influenced your style? 
I have lived in NYC my whole life and I like to always wear comfortable shoes because I am always rushing around the city. I also tend to wear a lot of black, but I am trying to get out of that.  

This summer, I am directing and starring in a movie that I wrote where the main character wears all white - this is partially an exercise for me to wear more white in my own life. I am very klutzy, so let's hope I don't spill anything on my clothing!

Five essentials every New Yorker needs. 
Vitamin B12, an umbrella for our unpredictable weather, sunglasses, comfortable shoes, and an optimistic attitude.

Describe the perfect shoe. 
Comfortable, but looks put-together, and made without leather.

Favorite summertime escape? 
Brighton Beach (where my mom lives!) or Woodstock, NY.

What are you looking forward to most this summer? 
Directing and starring in a movie with my mom!

What do you love most about the SUTRA heel? 
The SUTRA is seriously very comfortable but still has a platform and has no leather, which, as a vegan, is something I really care about! It's kind of the perfect summer shoe! I can wear it with socks or bare feet and it creates completely different looks. I have been wearing them everyday because they go with all of my differing and unpredictable looks!


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