#CampusCool | Michaela Alexandra Bartlett




To kick off our CollegeFashionista x Steve Madden #CampusCool program (stay tuned!), we took one of CF's Style Gurus on a shoot in the city. Michaela Alexandra Bartlett is an FIT student and a sure future stunner in the fashion industry. We’re predicting big things for this stylish babe. Read on to see where she likes to people watch in NYC, who her style muse is and what she’s going to be wearing this fall.

Photos by Phil Walters


Name: Michaela Alexandra Bartlett

Age: 20

University: Fashion Institute of Technology

Dream career? Social Media Creative Director for a blogger, online website or magazine.

How would you describe your style? Audrey Hepburn x '90s hip-hop. Growing up I always struggled with personal style. I feel I’ve always portrayed two types of people; my inner Charlotte from Sex In the City with my clean lines, love for pointed pumps and midi skirts and my inner bad ass Gwen Stefani with how she pushes the fashion industry with her ornate sense of style and ability to rock the red lip– my personal go-to.

Eternal style muse? Olivia Palermo– so chic, so effortless.

Favorite decade? '20’s (Does anyone else want to attend Jay Gatsby’s Parties?!)

Favorite item in your closet? Give a girl three inch heels and she can conquer the world.

Best place to find inspiration? The streets of NYC.

Favorite people-watching spot? FIT’s Campus– there is nothing better than getting to watch all the enthusiastic, creative individuals that grace the campus halls as if it were their own runway.

Go-to outfit? Classic white button-up, leather pointed-toe heeled booties and a great pair of dark denim. [And] Red lip.

Sneakers or Heels? ….heels.

What was your vibe in high school? The fashion freak that was always found in the art room. LOL. High school.

What are you reading right now? The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand.

Who’s on your playlist right now? The Weeknd.

Who do you Insta-stalk? Blair Eadie– Atlantic-Pacific (blogger).

Number one style rule to live by? Own your outfit. Own the real you.

What is your favorite fall trend? Leather leather leather.

What’s your biggest accomplishment so far? Having the experience to not only be part of this shoot with Steve Madden but to be picked out of a crowd. It makes me feel validated in something I am so deeply passionate about.

What do you hope to accomplish in the next year? I want truly grow as an individual in this industry by personal avenues, such as my blog (michaelaalexandra.com) and more professionally, such as internships, volunteering and collaborations.