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With a name like Money, you know the girls got to have some street cred. We first met Courtney Money on set for our Sun Baked editorial, and were captivated by her mysterious, chill vibes. With her unearthly bone structure and ever-changing cosmic-colored hair, we’re convinced Money comes from planet cool girl. The badass LA model gives us the deets on what she’s packing for her summer vacay to Saturn.


Please introduce yourself.
Hi gang. I’m Courtney Money. I’m from Utah.

How do you kick start your morning routine?
I wipe off last nights make up, give my puppy, Diesel, some love, cruise through hot boys’ Instagrams, drink a healthy shake that looks like it’s made out of monster guts (but tastes like fairy kisses), put on whatever clothes aren’t too wrinkled and sit in front of my computer staring at casting emails.

What do you never leave the house without?
My dancing shoes #partycourtney

Name a few basics that complete your off-duty look.
Sunglasses the size of television screens, my matte black Maddens, my leather Jacket from RHUDE or my Marla Singer coat made out of psychedelic, cosmic fur, and my battle-ax that gives me +50 strength.

Describe life on the West Coast.
Champagne and In-N-Out.

Favorite summertime escape?
An all-inclusive hotel on Saturn; It’s gorgeous this time of year.

What are your packing essentials?
My Mary Poppins purse is always packed to the brim: Diesel the dog (AKA my sidekick) goes in first. A flask (just kidding, I’m only eighteen), my fake id (just kidding again, mom), my BESTMADE knife (trust me, it comes in handy on set).

Any big plans for the summer?
I have a summer job selling umbrellas in the rainforest


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