Road Trippin' | Meet India Menuez


Anna Gray



India Menuez is an artist and founder of the fun and slightly elusive Luck You Collective. Easily recognized by her swath of red hair, she’s also identified by the multitude of patterns mixed well in one outfit. She hates vanilla candles.


So this issue’s theme is summer in NYC. What do you have planned?
Starting it heavy with an intense film project, and then to lighten up, running away to dance and share a tent with my friend in an undisclosed forest.

You grew up here, right? What’s your favorite neighborhood?
Born in Park Slope but always connected most to Chinatown.

What are you excited about working on this summer?
Myself and the collaborative projects to come... Also pressing my first record with YOUWHO.

What are you reading?
A book written by a little autistic boy in Japan. It’s research…

As evidenced by google, you mix a lot of patterns. What do you do when you can’t layer because it’s too hot out?
Muumuu 4 life!

What was the last package you got in the mail?
A record.

Do you like vanilla scented candles?


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