Festival 101 With Sahara Ray


Navigating behemoth music festivals can be near impossible without a little guidance. We consulted the coolest girls of the moment to shed light on how they survive the multi-day events, while totally slaying it in style.

It was a no brainer to pick Aussie-born and Santa Cruz ultra-babe Sahara Ray's brain about all things festivals. We're totally subscribing to her laidback style and attitude on tackling a weekend of live music and good vibes.


1. What do you look for in festival footwear? 
I want to be able to run around and dance without getting blisters by the end of the night. Never heels! 

2. Fave go-to festival outfit? 
Blue jeans, white shirt. Bindis and rainbow tie dye if I’m feeling groovy. 

3. What artists are on your must watch list? 
Florence + The Machine, AC/DC, Alt J, Drake, Jack White.

4. What can't you survive the weekend without? 
My pink fur coat and chapstick. 

5. Biggest festival faux pas?


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