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Digital artist Chris Rellas combines High Renaissance with High Fashion. He’s the cherub emoji behind the ingenious @CopyLab– responsible for creating some unlikely fashion pairings, such as Degas and Dries, Chagall and Céline and Picasso and Prada. In a world where new fashion collabs are cropping up every day, we love the refreshing new spin on old world art taking over our Instagram feeds.

Photo: Courtesy
Artwork by Chris Rellas


Name: Chris Rellas // @copylab

Age: 20

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Occupation: Artist/Student

Who is a ‘must-follow’ on Instagram? @macabrii, @williamstrobeck, @kalen_hollomon

Number one rule of social stalking? Always remember that their life is probably boring, too, and they're just better at making things look exciting.

Filter or #nofilter? #TeamNoFilterUntilTheEndOfTime

Favorite artist? Marc Chagall if we're looking to the past, and Brianna McCarthy if we're feeling more current.

What is your favorite app? I'm strangely into stars and planets and all things cosmic, so SkyView has to be my number one.

What gives you FOMO? Snapchat stories give me FOMO. Those things are evil.

Meet on Tinder or meet in IRL? Club Penguin, if there were an 18+ version.

Describe yourself in 3 emojis: ? ??

Biggest Instagram faux pas? Posting a photo of myself on @CopyLab that was supposed to go on my personal account. (This happens almost weekly.)

What’s the last thing you Googled? This guy that I only sort of know, because I like his hair and I want it.

What is your biggest “Under 25” accomplishment so far? Walking into the Vogue offices to collaborate on a project was a big moment for me.

What do you hope to accomplish by 35? I'm a big fan of working with people that I love. If I can find a way to create projects with my friends and family, I think I'd be very happy. I'd also love to create community art projects all over the world. With that said, cornering the online men's fashion industry, creating a shoe empire, and transforming half of New York City into a giant art installation are all on my list of hopes and dreams.


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