I'm With Steve | Phil Walters



Up close with Photographer Phil.

What's your favorite spot to eat in NY?
A little Brazilian spot called Beco. Has a laid back vibe and a delicious take on traditional Brazilian dishes. Order the Pao de Queijo if you have the chance.

What train do you take to work?
The M train from the Marcy stop. Much less packed than the L train these days.

NY Post or Daily News?
I cant say I read either very often. I've been using this app called "Quartz", which texts you news throughout the day.

Where do you go to get inspired?
Coffee shops at 7am. There's something about the early hours by yourself that allow clearer thinking before the day ahead.

Washington Square Park or Madison Square Park?
Washington park. Much more entertaining people watching there.

Favorite little known hideaway?
Does such a thing exist in the city??? Saturdays on Crosby street has a nice back patio, they'll let you sit back there for hours on end. Also the bar above Five Guys in the west village. Someone who stands near the counter will card you before heading up the stairs to get in.

The weekend hits and you need to get out of the city - where do you head?
The beach to surf, year-round, Montauk usually. Camping upstate has been a recent favorite as well.

What region has better shopping - uptown or downtown?
Downtown. Everything new and creative has been coming out of downtown for a long time.

City's best pizza - go!
Motorino's pizza, soppressata picante, is hands down my favorite. Sometimes I order it late at night to have it waiting on my stoop when I get back. Usually I find someone eating it, but I'm happy to share.

What were your first pair of Steve Maddens?
Oh wow, I don't remember the name since it was 5 years ago, but they were blue suede with six inch heels. They got worked.

What does the Steve Madden brand mean to you?
I've worked with Steve Madden for 6 years and the biggest thing to me are the relationships I have with those that work there. To me, the brand is the people there.