They’ve been touring heavily during that entire timeframe, sharing the stage with All Time Low, Mayday Parade, Yellowcard, Never Shout Never and many more – turning first-time listeners into diehard fans with the aid of Jardine’s infectious attitude and spunky, quick-witted personality. She’s got the type of stage presence that drives guys crazy (in a good way) while making girls want to emulate her.

Until now, We Are The In Crowd has been an up-and-comer. A promising young band. A group full of potential. The new kids on an already crowded block.  Weird Kids is here to change that. “I don’t know that I’ve felt this way about our other records,” says frontwoman Tay Jardine. “I’ve been proud of our band for finishing past albums. I was happy we got them done. But I’m proud of this record.”